Difference Between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Flavoring -

Vanilla Extract vs Vanilla Flavoring

Vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring are two most used flavoring in cooking to add the vanilla essence. They are used commonly in cooking and baking pastries, cakes, and other sweet foods in order to bring out all the flavors of the ingredients more.

Vanilla extracts

Vanilla extracts, from its name itself, is the real extract from vanilla pod using alcohol and have a very rich flavor in it. They too lasts longer and won’t rot just like wines which the taste go richer as the year passes by. The only drawback for vanilla extracts not being bought by budget conscious individuals and cooks is their expensive price tag that reaches up to $5 each.

Vanilla flavorings

Most of the vanilla flavorings sold in the market are imitations, and are also considered as artificial flavorings. They did not come from real vanilla beans but instead they come from the by-products of pulp or any wood products. They have undergone a chemical process in manufacturing them which might be a harmful substance to the body. The reason why people are opting for vanilla flavoring is because of their inexpensive price.

Difference between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Flavoring

Though both of these flavorings can enhance the taste of the food you are cooking or baking, they are tremendously different from each other. Vanilla extracts are the genuine ones that contain the natural essence of vanilla beans while most of the vanilla flavorings sold in the market as natural flavoring should be called as imitations since they are made with 100% all-artificial ingredients and went through chemical processes. The only reason why vanilla extracts are less favored by some other cooks and chefs is because of their expensive market value whereas the vanilla flavorings are way cheaper than them since they are made by chemists only.

Depending on the food or delicacy that you will be cooking and/or baking, it is recommended by the professional to use the real vanilla extracts to achieve a more richer and abundant taste. But if you’re tight on budget, then the vanilla flavorings would be a great substitute for the real extracts.


• Vanilla extracts are the embodiment of the real vanilla beans while the vanilla flavorings are mostly artificial ones to act as a substitute.

• The vanilla extracts have an expensive price on the market that ample amount of individuals can’t afford that is why they have no choice left but to go for the substitute which the vanilla flavoring.

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