Difference Between Cisco Jabber and WebEx      | Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

Key Difference – Cisco Jabber vs WebEx

Although Cisco Jabber and WebEx are two applications that enable the users to communicate with others via the internet, there are some differences between Jabber and WebEx based on their functions. The key difference between Cisco Jabber and WebEx is that WebEx has great features for video conferencing whereas Jabber is more suited for general communication.

What is WebEx

WebEx is an application that enables the user to have meetings with the use of an internet connection. This applies to mobile users as well. The user will be connected via audio during the meeting. This application also lets user share the content. All users of the meeting will be able to take control of the meeting by passing the ball feature. Any user who has control over the meeting will be able to share the content as they wish.

This application is very useful for small businesses as they will have the power to work more closely with coworkers and do their business more efficiently and effectively.

WebEx Features


There are a vast number of options to connect within the meeting. Some of them are, using the landline, mobile or VoIP or even the computer headset. When logging into a meeting using this application, unique phone numbers will be provided. The connection can also be established using the VoIP instead.


The webcam can be used during a meeting to make a video conference call. This will enable the user on the other end to view the image of the caller as well. The WebEx application is capable of turning its attention towards the speaker automatically in an active meeting. This will be a virtual meeting environment, but this feature makes it feel as if we are conversing in real time.


The WebEx is also capable of supporting conferences via the free mobile app which this application provides. All that user needs to do is just downloading the application, and they can easily start a meeting. The meeting can be hosted directly from the phone as well, which means it will provide almost all the features of the original application itself.


This is one of the best features available with this application. After the meeting has begun, the users have the option to start recording the meeting. They will be able to record audio, video, and also have access to all the information that was shared at the meeting. If by any chance someone misses a meeting, they can continue from where the meeting is proceeding while having a copy of what happened earlier to catch up later. The recording option will also enable users to review the meeting and note down important information at a convenient time later.


We will be able to record content and publish it using this app. These recordings can also be posted on a website at a later time. This will make it really effective to present the information in an efficient way.

This app can be used for many important things such as holding webinars and conferences, demonstration of  products, a publication of presentations, or even conduction of online training.Difference Between Cisco Jabber and WebEx      | Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

What is Jabber

Jabber is another application from Cisco that enable the users to communicate with others via the internet, but Jabber has more features suitable for general communication.

Jabber Features

IM and Presence

These features work to reduce the delays and give a real-time experience. This feature gives the option to check the availability of a user and also chat with individuals or even groups. This can be facilitated inside or outside the organization.

IP Voice and Video Telephony

Jabber is capable of sharing High definition videos and also has other sharing abilities as well. Cisco Unified Communications Manager takes advantage of call control to provide a secure, reliable connection between the users.

Collaboration for iPad

Jabber has been collaborated with the iPad in a way that the user’s productivity increases. We are able to access many features telepresence, instant messaging, voice and video communication, voice messaging and conferencing. The telepresence feature can be taken advantage of when you are away from your office.

Microsoft Office

This is a special feature as jabber is integrated with Microsoft office. Users can initiate a meeting and also share voice, video and chat at the same time.

Go Mobile

The mobile feature is a great addition to jabber as it will give close to a desktop experience. With the use of a mobile device, communication can be initiated from any device and from any location.

Web Applications

Jabber Software Development Kit enables HD communication within the Web-based business. This will increase productivity, and the workflow of the task will become more efficient.

What is the difference between Cisco Jabber and WebEx

Advantage of WebEx over Jabber

Team meeting: The team meeting feature of WebEx surpasses the abilities of Jabber, WebEx takes advantage of high quality audio, HD video and file sharing options.

Streamline meetings: With the WebEx application the meetings are streamlined as features like document, recordings, can be managed effectively before and after the meeting process.

Effective meetings: The application is able to create a face to face real time meeting situation. This will enable the meeting to move forward in a smooth manner. This will in turn improve the results of a meeting. The effectiveness of decision making and brainstorming will be improved.

Face to face Experience: As the meeting moves forward, the active user will take center stage of many users participating in the meeting. The image on the mobile or desktop will be the person who is speaking, and this will in turn change according to the speaker on all active screen which give it a real time experience.

Advantage of Jabber over WebEx

Presence: The Jabber application is able to display the status of available jabber users.

Softphone: With Jabber, calls can be imitated and answered from anywhere using the desktop.

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