Start Saving with Irving Rewards- Online Guide

The Irving Oil is a producer and exporter of oil, gasoline, and natural gas. It currently operates the largest network of gas stations in Ireland and Canada. What’s more, the company possesses a lot of oil tankers and real estate around the country.

The rewards program is designed by Irving Oil to help its customers save money on every purchase at the gas station. You can do everything online and start enjoying the benefits.

In this guide, we will show you how to sign up and participate in the Irving Rewards program.

How to participate in the Irving Rewards program

Below are a few simple steps to help you participate in the Irving Rewards program

Step 1: Go to the official site of Irving rewards program at
Step 2: Click on “Register your card here”.
Step 3: Fill out the provided form with your personal information. These include first name, last name, birth date, address, city, state, ZIP code, email, as well as the phone number.
Step 4: Enter the last 7 digits of your Irving Rewards card number.
Step 5: Enter and repeat the password you want to use for your Irving rewards account.
Step 6: Tick on the box to agree with the terms and conditions of the Irving rewards program.
Step 7: Click on “Submit” to complete the process.

Necessary important things that you need to know

There are a couple of important things that everyone needs to know before participating in the Irving Rewards program:

– You can pick up your Irving rewards card at any participating Circle K and Irving Oil locations.
– Once you have received your card and created a new online account, you will get a 10-cent discount for each gallon of fuel on every 50 gallons of purchased fuel.
– All of the discounts can be redeemed in the next fuel purchases in around 30 minutes.
– You can also link the rewards card of the Irving Oil to your bank account to save more money on each gallon that you buy at its gas station.
– Keep in mind that the rewards will expire in 60 days after you get it.

List of relevant links

Below is a list of some relevant links when you participate in and save with the Irving Rewards:

– Main site of the Irving Oil:
– Frequently asked questions about the Irving rewards program:
– List of contact information: