Access Tolls by Mail to Pay Your Toll Online

Toll By Mail New York is an online platform that is specially designed for collecting tolls on many tunnels, bridges, and roads in New York state. With this site, drivers can now get their bills via mails and pay them online instead of having to stop on the road.

Once your vehicle goes through any cashless toll facility, you will get a Toll Bill. This is quite similar to utility bills with overdue amounts and new transactions. Then, you can go to the online site and pay.

This guide will show you how to pay your Toll Bill online.

How to pay your toll online with Tolls by Mail

Below are some simple steps to help you pay your toll online with Tolls by Mail:
Step 1: Go to the Tolls by Mail of New York state site at
Step 2: Click on “Pay Toll”.
Step 3: Here you will have two options to pay your toll with your email or your license plate. Just click on the box to choose your preferred choice.
Step 4: If you choose the email option, then enter your license plate and reference number or toll bill number. If you choose the other option, then enter your license plate, license plate country, and license plate state.
Step 5: Click on “Pay Toll”.
Step 6: Enter your personal information
Step 7: Choose your preferred payment option
Step 8: Read the recipe carefully again and choose “Pay Now” to complete the process

Necessary information you need to know

Here are a few things you should know when paying your toll online on Tolls by Mail:
– You could pay your toll in around 30 or fewer days after visiting the cashless toll facilities. This will depend on the overall frequency of your travel
– A person with multiple vehicles can still get one Toll Bill
– If you do not pay the bill by the due date, there will be additional fees and violation fees
– In addition to paying your bill online, you can also pay it via mail, phone, or in person

Relevant links

FAQ Link:

If you have any questions about the process of paying your bill on Tolls by mail, then you can go to the website to get some answers for frequently asked questions.

Customer Service:
To get direct support from a customer care service. Here you can find the telephone and mailbox of Tolls by Mail.