Zagg Product Registration Guide

 Step 5. When you purchase a Zagg product on the internet, then there’s no need to register as the order number may be used if you ever want to get a replacement item. Proceed to the next step if you’ve bought your Zagg product from an offsite reseller. Step 6. Once logged in, visit the Product Registration page, then choose a category for the item. You will find a drop-down list of all available products- choose the one you have, then proceed to where you enter the location, purchase date and quantity. Double-check and see if everything is set, then click on ‘Register Product’ to complete it. Important Information has an online claim tool to help its customers get a faster resolution, which can be found as soon as you register and log in the Zagg website. Claims for a warranty can be done on the internet as well by clicking on Warranty Replacement, then choosing the date of purchase then clicking on the red button that says ‘Request Replacement’. Relevant Links Live Chat – Customer Care Hotlines –

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