Pluto TV Activation Guide-On Your Device

Pluto TV refers to a live TV streaming service that is quite similar to services such as DirectTV Now and Hulu. However, unlike these streaming services that offer content available on cable TV at a price, Pluto TV offers free internet content to millions of viewers. Once you download and install the app on your device, you can watch over 75 live tv channels which include movies, tv shows, and internet videos. If you want to enjoy sports, reality, documentaries, news, or dramas on your device without paying a dime, you will need an activation code. This code will be used to activate Pluto TV on any of your preferred devices. Currently, Pluto TV which mostly generates its revenue from advertisements between programming has more than 6 million active users. Tom Ryan and Ilya Pozin are the co-founders of this free live tv streaming service. Tom (who holds an MBA from INSEAD) also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Pluto TV while Ilya is the company’s Chief Growth Officer. How to Activate Pluto TV