www.FastSupport.com – GoToAssist Support Session Online

 How to use GoToAssist services
  1. Visit GoToAssist customer center to request an online support session. You will be sent a unique support key and the link www.FastSupport.com. Additionally, if you are dealing with your local IT agent, he/she may invite you to join an online support session by providing you with the above URL and a unique 9-digit support key.
  2. Go to www.FastSupport.com.
  3. Provide the name you wish to use during the session and the 9-digit support key given to you by the agent and click “Continue” to install the helper application.
  4. You will be prompted to approve the connection, therefore, proceed to click “Yes” (for windows machines). If you are using a Mac click “Join Session”.
  5. Now the IT technician can remotely view and control your machine just as if he/she was sitting right in front of it. Remember to disconnect the session once the servicing is completed.
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