6 Of The Most Unusual Kids In The World

 I think we can all agree that some people are born different. Whether it’s their unique appearance, unusual talents, or a peculiar condition, these children are unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before. Some of them gain huge popularity through YouTube and Internet, while others remain known only to their local communities. Luckily, these gems are being discovered from time to time, so the whole world could marvel at their beauty and uniqueness. Here are 6 of the most unusual kids in the world.


Nariyana, also known as Snow White, is an 8-year-old albino girl from the Sakha Republic in Yakutia. Her amazing appearance speaks for itself! With porcelain skin, white hair, fair eyelashes, and purplish eyes she looks like a creature from a fairy-tale. Nevertheless, she’s just a girl with a knack for artistic things.