Difference Between Sorbitol and Mannitol

  • sorbitol vs mannitol
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  • sorbitol and mannitol structure
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  • The key difference between sorbitol and mannitol is that the hydroxyl group at the second carbon atom of sorbitol Fischer projection is coming out of the plane, whereas in mannitol, the hydroxyl group at the second carbon atom of mannitol is going behind the plane in its Fischer projection. Sorbitol and mannitol are structural isomers. Both these are sweet-tasting sugar molecules and are useful as artificial sweeteners.


    1. Overview and Key Difference 2. What is Sorbitol  3. What is Mannitol 4. Side by Side Comparison – Sorbitol vs Mannitol in Tabular Form 5. Summary

    What is Sorbitol?

    Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol having a sweet taste and occurs mainly in potato starch. It is slowly metabolized by the human body. We can obtain sorbitol via glucose reduction. Here, the aldehyde group of glucose is changed into a primary alcohol group. Therefore, sorbitol is an alcohol. We can find sorbitol as a naturally occurring compound; e.g. in apple, pears, peaches, etc. However, we mostly obtain sorbitol from potato starch.