Cooking Craze Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide Download

3. Be strategic when upgrading foods As you progress through the game you have more and more options available when it comes to upgrading the different ingredients. The game does a pretty good job at recommending what to upgrade next, so you can follow those recommendations. If you want to do it yourself, always upgrade the ingredients that are asked for the most and always upgrade the cheapest available ones first. The point is to increase the revenue per ingredient as much as possible in order to maximize profits and increase your chances of winning levels. 4. Serve clients one at a time Things will start getting pretty hectic eventually, but you shouldn’t panic. Serve your clients one at a time, focusing on one order at a time. If you’re trying to randomly fill orders, you will most likely fail. So take a deep breath and do it methodically. It is possible, on some occasions, that the game will automatically serve the food you make to a different client than what you’re planning to, if there are two clients asking for the same thing.