Cooking Craze Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide Download

 This can be the biggest challenge in levels because it can confuse you a bit, but with some practice and steel nerves, you’ll be able to get past this obstacle as well.
5. Add friends for more lives If you’re starting to fail levels constantly, connect the game to your Facebook account and add some friends. They can send you lives – and you can do the same for them. Take advantage of this to keep playing! 6. Look for levels you can replay Every day, there will be a previous level you have already completed available for a replay. It will be marked with a yellow star and you should always take advantage and complete these previous levels first because they will help you make more coins for buying valuable upgrades in the game. This is extremely useful if you didn’t get the most out of previous levels and you’re stuck with no coins to upgrade and no levels to complete. This is a very unlikely event to happen, but if it does, completing previous levels and making maximum amounts of coins from them is the only way to keep moving forward.