how to connect airpod pros to iphone

Justin Duino The AirPods Pro feature a new design and higher price tag, but the pairing process is the same as Apple’s other truly wireless earbuds. Setting up the headphones is a breeze, whether you’re connecting them to an iPhone or anything else. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Pair AirPods Pro with iPhone To start pairing the AirPods […]

how to know if your airpod case is charging

Justin Duino If you’ve purchased a new pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro, you might be wondering what the light on the case is trying to tell you. The light is really useful to quickly see the charging and pairing status of your AirPods. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Where to Find the AirPods Status Light? Depending on […]

how to check airpod battery on phone

Khamosh Pathak It’s easy to leave your AirPods in your ears for hours. Want to check your earbuds’ battery percentage before you hear the AirPods-almost-out-of-juice chime? Here’s how to check your AirPods’ battery on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Open the AirPods Case Near Your iPhone or iPad The simplest way to […]

how to use one airpod

Ryan Perkins/ By not including buttons, Apple made the interface for AirPodsĀ non-existent. But that’s fine because they’re full of sensors, so they know when they’re in your ears, and when you double-tap them. And you can configure all of those things. The sensors built into every pair of AirPods allow for some great features. For […]