how to delete downloads on ipad

It seems like storage space is one of the biggest complaints from iPhone and iPad users, thanks to apps taking up more and more real estate, and media becoming more storage-hungry than ever. Here’s how to fix that. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); How to View Storage Usage Before we dive deep into the different ways you can […]

how to delete password

Not everyone likes having to enter a password every time they need to sign in to their computer. Windows lets you get rid of the password without too much hassle. Here’s how. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Why You Probably Shouldn’t Do This There are several caveats you should be aware of before you even consider using the techniques […]

how to delete bootcamp partition

Boot Camp can be annoying. Both Windows and Mac OS X can see each other’s files, but they can’t write to the other operating system’s partition. Thankfully, there are ways around these file-system limitations. Third-party applications can enable write support for these partitions, while you can also share files in other ways. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Access […]

how to delete folder in linux

Fatmawati Achmad Zaenuri/ The rm and  rmdir commands delete files and directories on Linux, macOS, and other Unix-like operating systems. They’re similar to the del and  deltree commands in Windows and DOS. These commands are very powerful and have quite a few options. It is important to note that files and directories deleted using rm […]

how to delete yahoo

With Yahoo suffering massive data breaches and selling itself to Verizon, you may want to delete that old Yahoo account. If you still have important data in your account, you can download much of it before you delete it, too. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); First: Download Your Yahoo Emails and Other Data Delete your Yahoo account and Yahoo will […]

how to delete apple watch

KANUT PHOTO/Shutterstock Ever accidentally recorded a workout on your Apple Watch or end up with a duplicate you want to delete? Well, strangely, you can’t delete a workout from your Watch; you need to use your iPhone to do it. Here’s how. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); How to Delete a Workout from the Activities App Open the […]

how to delete amazon photos

Deleting your Amazon account is the only way to completely erase your purchase history. If you want to delete your account for good, here’s how to give yourself a clean slate. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); What You Need to Know Your Amazon account is shared across Amazon’s websites, so if you delete it, you’ll lose access to […]

how to delete birthday from facebook

Notifications, be they texts, alarms, or social apps, aren’t anything new; they’re an accepted part of our mobile experience. Most can probably agree though, there’s a fine line between informative and annoying, which Facebook seems to have no problem completely ignoring. Before we delve into the particulars, let’s introduce the levels at which you can control notifications. […]