how to wipe out a mac

Is it time to sell or give away your old Mac? Or do you just want a fresh start to clean up your machine? Here’s how to securely delete all of your files, then install a fresh version of macOS. If you’re selling or giving away your computer, this is the only way to make sure […]

how to wipe xbox one

Before you sell your Xbox One or pass it on to someone else, you should perform a factory reset. This wipes all your personal data. Whoever gets the Xbox One will have to go through the first-time setup process once again, signing in with their own Microsoft account. If you didn’t factory reset your Xbox One […]

how to wipe a flash drive

If your USB flash drive, SD card, or another drive isn’t working quite right, “cleaning” the drive and removing its partitions is one possible solution. This can fix problems with a drive that can’t be formatted or one that shows the wrong capacity. RELATED: How to Manage Partitions on Windows Without Downloading Any Other Software […]

how to wipe a drive

Be sure to wipe your drives, devices, and anything that potentially contained sensitive files before getting rid of it. Whether you’re disposing of it, selling it, or giving it away — securely erase your data first. This is necessary because it’s possible to recover deleted files from many types of drives. The data isn’t always deleted […]

how to wipe an sd card

A corrupt SD card is a digital photographer’s worst nightmare. All those amazing photos ruined because a few 1s and 0s are in the wrong place? While you might be able to recover your images from a corrupt card, you don’t want to be in this situation in the first place, and that means knowing […]