how to change xbox live email

The primary email address for your Microsoft account is what you use to sign into Windows and other Microsoft services. If you’d prefer to use a different address than the one you signed up with–even a non-Microsoft address–it’s an easy change to make. If you’re using a Microsoft account to sign into Windows, you’re not stuck […]

how to keep xbox one from turning off

Imagine being immersed in an engaging emotional gaming experience—only to have the moment ruined by an obnoxiously loud achievement notification using a short pun to spoil what just happened. Instead, disable Xbox notifications so they don’t interrupt your gaming experience. While some notifications can be useful, you can quickly customize which pop-ups appear, where they […]

how to connect xbox controller to steam

The Steam Link was built for the Steam Controller, but Valve has added support for others, including the beloved Xbox One controller. Recent firmware updates have allowed native vibration support. Here’s how to enable it. Previous limitations on the Bluetooth connection meant that the official Xbox One controller couldn’t support the “rumble” functions of games […]

how to share xbox live gold with 2 accounts

You may have seen advice on how to share your Xbox One’s digital games with your friends. But Microsoft doesn’t intend for you to share your game library when you’re not there. Doing so puts you at risk. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); A Brief History of Xbox One Promises When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, it […]