how to find phone number by name

Finding someone’s phone number online is tricky.┬áCell phone numbers are private—there’s no public directory of cell phone numbers to replace those old paper phone books. However, there are a few ways you can find someone’s phone number (and business phone numbers are still easy to find). tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); How to Find a Person’s Phone Number […]

how to hide imessages

A new feature in iOS 11 gives you quicker access to iMessage Apps at the bottom of the screen, but if you never use them in the first place, they’re just annoying. Here’s how to hide them. RELATED: What’s New in iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, Available Now Update: Just tap the gray app […]

how to turn word doc into pdf

PDFs are handy for distributing documents so that they’re seen the same way by all parties. Typically, you’ll create documents using another app, and then convert them to PDF. Here’s how to do it for a Microsoft Word document. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); Convert a Document to PDF Using Word If you have the desktop version of […]

how to create desktop shortcut windows 10

Windows 10 still lets you create desktop shortcuts to applications, files, folders, and even websites. Desktop icons may a little out of fashion, but they’re still useful as part of a nicely organized desktop. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); How to Create a Shortcut to an Application To do this the easy way, open Windows 10’s Start menu. […]

how to share activity on apple watch

Khamosh Pathak The Apple Watch is a great tool for tracking your fitness activity. In addition to tracking steps, you can kick things up a notch by challenging a friend to a week-long competition. But before you can compete, you need to share your activity with others. tmntag.cmd.push(function(){tmntag.adTag(‘purch_N_C_0_1’, false);}); How to Add Friends to Activity […]

how to choose a motherboard

Motherboards are the most complex component in your computer. Fitted with hundreds of components and dozens of options it can be difficult to choose. Let’s look at the most important factors to help you decide before building your next computer. Motherboards are the central nervous system of your computer. They are responsible for connecting and […]